Kitsap Rocks + A little piece of mother art on mother nature

It was just over a year ago that I painted my first rock. A few weeks earlier I found a painted rock in Silverdale and on the back it had “Kitsap Rocks”. The last time I had seen a painted rock was when my parents would have family & friends paint a rock to commemorate their Arizona visit and we’d keep it in our backyard. So I was surprised to see that this was a thing here in our Washington community all these years later. I decided to join the Kitsap Rocks Facebook group and let me say, you can (and should) spend hours looking at the beautiful pieces of art that people (kids and adults) make and hide all over the Kitsap Peninsula and beyond for others to find.

So I decided to start painting a few of my own and they became known as the “mom rocks.” I was touched by the overwhelming response.

There’s a word I came across on Pinterest, Meraki, that is used to describe doing something with utmost heart/soul/love and it’s the perfect word to describe how each of these were created. I start by selecting just the right rock I want to use, making a pencil sketch on paper, a quick outline on the rock and then painting (and sometimes re-painting over and over again) until I feel it’s just right. A clear sealant so that it doesn’t wash away and it’s ready.

I’ve hid these mom rocks around Silverdale over the last year and a few I made for friends and family. At first it wasn’t easy to let go of something I had spent so much time on, however the happiness it brought to the person finding or receiving it was heartwarming. Thank you for loving something I created and for encouraging me to make more, I will continue to paint, and hope that one finds you. <3

PS. Did you find or receive one? I’d love for you to let me know with a comment at the bottom of this post, thank you!

Kitsap Rocks Facebook Group  +  My Process & Supply List

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    Julia Brown
    October 23, 2017 at 11:56 am

    These little labor of loves are so beautiful and unique. They are a perfect reflection of both, the loving mother you are and so very talented newborn photographer.

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