One Year Cake Smash Session + Lumberjack Theme

There once was a Mama Bear and a Papa Bear and a Baby Bear. When Baby Bear turned one year old, he decided to go out into the forest and find a good tree to make into a birthday cake. Once he made it just right, he didn’t want to take a bite, so instead he just smiled and went on his way.  His adorable grin is just as sweet at one year as it was when he was a newborn.


That smile of his is SO beary sweet!

Now onto the cake!

Now onto the video!

(In case you were wondering, it was another amazing cake by Bella Bella Cupcakes) A cake smash session is a great way to make this milestone fun and memorable. Are you thinking about a special cake smash session for your about to turn one year old? Email me for details and availability.

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