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When it comes to your maternity and newborn photos, it can be overwhelming at first to decide who to choose as your photographer and why you chose them. Often it’s a referral from a friend or family member who knows them and that’s a great way to get names for an options list. Definitely ask around and then find out why they chose them (it might not be for the same reasons you would). That’s where it starts. Now, many might go for the first name and that might be the lucky one that you would have chosen anyway.

However, I always like to do my research before spending money, I want to know the details so I better understand the value. I’m a very visual person, and if you’re on my website then you probably are too, so I’ve created a couple visuals to go along with all of the options I offer.

Look at the visuals below and once you find the image you are most drawn to, that will help determine which session best meets your needs. The bottom of this post further describes each session so you can easily match the visual with the details.



You might be thinking “Those are beautiful Laura but I have another child (or children), how do they work into your sessions?” I have you that covered too, here’s those same options with sibling(s).


Now that you’ve got the visuals, here’s the why explanation/details about each session. If you have any questions please feel free to email or call, I’d love to help figure out what would work best for your family.
Some expecting mothers want to have a portrait session by themselves to focus on becoming a mother, that connection between them and their soon to be born little one. Others want to include their husband and document the experience as a growing family. My style dictates that most often sessions take place outside where the photographs will then reflect the expressions of the moment, resulting in beautiful and distinct lifestyle portraits. If weather isn’t favorable or you prefer more studio-style or intimate portraits, then the session can take place in my studio in Silverdale.
I have two options for this as well depending on your budget and the images you want as a result.
• Essential Session: A simplified 1-2 hour session for those wanting a few images of their newborn baby during this special time. Includes various images with a backdrop set-up and one prop set-up.
• Classic Session: This 3-4 hour session allows time for the best opportunity for the sleepy posed portraits. It includes multiple customized set-ups for a wide variety down to the details – and photos with baby & parents if you would like those.
With a post-delivery session you’ll feel at ease knowing you’ll have quality photos to tell the story of their beginning. Unlike birth photography, this takes place at a specific time within 48 hours after delivery. This is also a wonderful way to capture siblings meeting the newest family member for the first time or being able to share a gallery of images to family & friends that live far away. Photos & Video: Photos as outlined above and a unique 1-2 minute video file to view and share.
Little Ones by Laura sessions are more lifestyle and candid imagery, but the unique thing I offer with each session is a portrait film/video. The saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” is then turned into “A video is worth a million more”. These take place in my studio on a white bedroom style setup where everyone can be more comfortable and relaxed. A portrait film is a series of video clips filmed during a portrait session and edited together to create a short film/video. Your session comes with my time to film and photograph, creatively edit and produce a portrait film and a series of images. Video clips are filmed during the session to create a unique portrait film 1-2 minutes in length. You will receive your session gallery as digital files to download (generally 25+ images) which are high-resolution .jpg image files along with your .mov video file.


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