Silverdale Cake Smash + PNW Outdoor Theme

When it comes to a first birthday cake smash session, it starts with finding out what theme or colors you want to do. A lot of times its based around the theme you plan on for their first birthday party or it can be something entirely different. For this session, her mom e-mailed me a fabric swatch that they love for inspiration. It embodied their family’s love of the outdoors and Pacific Northwest. I loved that it wasn’t your typical woodsy theme, that it had more of a lighter, geometric, look and feel. Her mommy made the special cake for her which she absolutely loved to pieces (literally) and she would have taken 5 hours eating it until there was nothing left. However, we decided letting her eat the entire thing wouldn’t be such a good idea so her mommy slowly took it away, which as you can see (and hear) was only done under protest. I just had to keep her giggle and scolding in the video, it was SO cute!



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    Jean Bernt
    February 27, 2017 at 10:37 am

    She is just too adorable! The outdoor theme is very unique and it was incorporated perfectly. Great pictures!

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